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Toyota Mirai dominated the Spanish market in 2020

Toyota Mirai in Spain

Toyota Mirai model. Photo Credit: Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen fuel cell cars registration in Spain reached seven units in 2020 compared to one unit in 2019. The month of December outranked the whole 2020, registering sales of 5 fuel cell vehicle units. Looking at the full-2020 sales data, Toyota Mirai dominated the market with six units, followed by Hyundai Nexo with one unit sales, according to the data ANFAC.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technology is still at an infant stage in most markets worldwide, including Spain. The first sale of FCEV in Spain was made back in 2018. Hyundai Nexo was the first model spearhead in Spain by making one sale. In 2019, the total sales of the FECV remained at one unit again, though Toyota Mirai was the winner.

In 2020, despite the pandemic and lockdown, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles broke its one unit sale barrier, with sales reaching seven units, with Toyota Mirai dominated the market. 

Although FCEVs sales are not a match to the country’s overall cars sales, stood at 0.85 million units in 2020, but is encouraging to see the rising FCEVs sales. The success of these advanced fuel cars depends on the infrastructure, mainly fuelling stations.

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