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Técnicas Reunidas, Loop Energy to support commercialisation of hydrogen-based vehicles

Técnicas Reunidas, Loop Energy to support commercialisation of hydrogen-based vehicles

Loop Energy (a developer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell-based solutions) has signed a market development agreement with Técnicas Reunidas (a Spanish hydrogen infrastructure service provider).

Both partners will aim to secure future opportunities by using Técnicas Reunidas hydrogen know-how and Loop Energy’s fuel cell technology. They will focus on providing hydrogen-based solutions to several transport companies, truck, transit and coach bus service fleets, materials handling, warehouse and port logistics, including drayage, urban delivery services and stationary power applications.

Técnicas Reunidas will offer on-site production and supply equipment, creating hydrogen via water electrolysis and steam reforming of natural gas, biogas or bioethanol, while Loop will provide more convenient and cost-effective hydrogen solutions to their global customers.

Miguel Angel Vega of Técnicas Reunidas, said, “We strongly believe our experience in hydrogen technologies, paired with Loop’s proprietary eFlow technology, will aid in building a robust hydrogen electric vehicle market across North America and globally by simplifying the path to FCEV adoption.”

George Rubin, CCO of Loop Energy, said, “Our collaboration with Técnicas Reunidas is a major milestone in widening the hydrogen ecosystem and supporting our OEM customers in the market and sales channel development process.”

Técnicas Reunidas has delivered more than 30 hydrogen units to its facilities around the world. Previously, Técnicas Reunidas has partnered with Repsol to develop proprietary technology and scale-up processes to help transform the industry and advance its decarbonisation. Both partners will co-develop technology to produce sustainable biofuels and bio-based polymers from agricultural and agri-food waste.

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