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SunHydrogen progresses its nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology

SunHydrogen progresses its nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology

SunHydrogen, Inc., a technology developer producing renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, has been scaling up its nanoparticle hydrogen generation technology.

SunHydrogen cooperates with Germany’s Schmid Group and the US-based InRedox, to develop its technology to a commercial scale. Schmid is developing the process and equipment for manufacturing, while InRedox is focused on the electrochemical process of creating nanoporous templates on transparent substrates for growing nanoparticles.

The company has worked with various transparent substrates to determine the best-performing ones for creating nanoporous layers, which will then serve as a template and foundation for growing the nanoparticles. It will go ahead with testing the growth of nanoparticles on the down-selected substrates at scales relevant for mass manufacturing.

SunHydrogen is also acquiring the equipment and chemicals for fabrication, testing and validation of large-scale devices, which consist of arrays of billions of nanoparticle-based hydrogen generators, which split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Each array will be approximately the size of a single six-inch silicon solar cell.

Tim Young, CEO of SunHydrogen, Inc., said, “With the team in Germany now in place, and the necessary equipment now able to be obtained, we expect to see more rapid progress very soon.”

SunHydrogen has produced 100 demonstration units using multi-junction amorphous silicon solar cells and assembled by Suzhou GH New Energy.

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