String Megaregion receives funds for 12 hydrogen refuelling stations

The new hydrogen infrastructure will allow it to leave diesel trucks from 2025.

The EU program Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) has granted funds for the hydrogen infrastructure project “GREATER4H”.

The project’s main purpose is to enable heavy-duty road transport to shift from diesel to hydrogen across the borders of Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Today, the STRING secretariat is happy to announce that the GREATER4H project has received funding. The three private partners, GP Joule, Everfuel and Hynion will build the hydrogen refuelling stations, which will be located between Hamburg and Oslo.

In addition, Quantron, Ørsted and Renova have joined GREATER4H as associated partners to contribute with unique perspectives on the supply of green hydrogen, fuel cell technology, and end-user perspective as operators of hydrogen trucks. The project was developed under the STRING chair of Land Schleswig-Holstein, which will coordinate the GREATER4H project as the lead partner.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a bright green hope for a seamless zero-emission revolution in road transport. A hydrogen vehicle refuels in 3 – 12 minutes, making it possible to transport goods and people without the logistical challenges of charging battery-operated alternatives.

Moreover, hydrogen vehicles are silent, and their only by-product is water. By establishing the refuelling infrastructure, the GREATER4H project partners provide the opportunity to end the era of fossil fuels and eliminate hazardous particle pollution and CO2 emission from the transport sector.

The project GREATER4H will accelerate the deployment of hydrogen vehicles in the entire megaregion and make Northern Europe a global frontrunner in the green transition of road transport.

HYNION will establish two hydrogen stations in Malmö and Gothenburg within the framework of the GREATER4H project. HYNION is also planning for a station in Oslo that will mark the end of the corridor from Hamburg up through Denmark and western Sweden to Norway.

Zohaib Ali

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