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Snam introduces HYAccelerator for startups; SunHydrogen to improve technology

Snam introduces HYAccelerator for startups; SunHydrogen to improve technology

Snam has launched HyAccelerator, the first corporate global-scale startup acceleration programme focused on hydrogen.

The programme is dedicated to players active along the entire hydrogen value chain covering transportation, storage and end-users.

The startups selected after the calls will have access to an acceleration process lasting between 4-6 months, with R&D support and mentoring, networking, and technology testing. These activities will also leverage the network of the Hydrogen Innovation Center opened by Snam in partnership with universities and research centres.

At the end of the programme, the startups will conduct feasibility studies with Snam for future hydrogen pilot projects. Snam aims at exploring and supporting technologies with the greatest potential to accelerate the development of hydrogen and contribute to efforts to decarbonise the economic system in line with national and international climate targets.

HyAccelerator is part of Snam’s innovation strategy, and the startup application and selection process will be carried out in line with Snaminnova, the company’s Open Innovation platform.

In another development, SunHydrogen has entered a sponsored research agreement with the University of Michigan for the next 12 months to improve solar-to-hydrogen efficiency for its green hydrogen panels. The partnership will look to develop and test highly efficient catalysts for oxygen and hydrogen evolution, lowering the cost of materials while maintaining high solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency. The university team will also perform a robust techno-economic assessment of SunHydrogen’s overall process.

Dr Nirala Singh, assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Michigan, will lead the work in collaboration with SunHydrogen’s existing development partners, the University of Iowa, Schmid Group and InRedox.

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