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Sinewave project receives German funding

Sinewave project Germany

ITM Power GmbH (the German-based subsidiary of ITM Power) has been approved for a €1.95 million award for the Sinewave project.

The funding is part of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research´s (BMBF) hydrogen flagship project H2Giga that focuses on technology development for series production and industrialisation of electrolysis systems.

The Sinewave project runs to March 2025 and brings together necessary scientific and technical skills to close research gaps in the series production of electrolysis systems.

The project is dedicated to exploring process engineering, materials science and digital sub-disciplines to make a significant contribution to the construction of efficient integrated large-scale PEM electrolysis systems for producing large quantities of green hydrogen cost-effectively in the future.

ITM Power GmbH will focus on the following key aspects:

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said, “Our participation in the Federally funded Sinewave project provides an endorsement of our place in Germany’s hydrogen strategy.”

The consortium partners are:

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