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SFC Energy receives order for 100 fuel cells from LiveView Technologies

SFC Energy receives 100 fuel cells from LiveView Technologies

SFC Energy AG, a fuel cell supplier for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions, has received an order for more than 100 EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cells from a US-based company LiveView Technologies (LVT).

LVT, a Utah based company, is an enterprise Cloud Software vendor providing a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Cloud solution for remote video and analytic data gathering, processing, and delivery.

These mobile camera towers are used for video surveillance in several industries, such as surveillance of parking areas and protection of construction sites. Companies usually rely on conventional generators for their rapid deployment trailer.

SFC has replaced less efficient generators with environmentally friendly fuel cells which are better complementary with solar. EFOY Pro fuel cells are comparatively better than conventional generators due to fuel efficiency, better performance, reduced noise, and environmentally friendliness. Fuel cells do not emit harmful exhaust gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) or fine dust, whereas they are 95% recyclable.

Hans Pol, COO of SFC Energy AG, said, “This order is a milestone of our business development in the US.” He further added, “Our EFOY Pro fuel cells provide our customer LiveView Technologies with all options for a self-sufficient power supply.”

Derek Boggs, Director at LiveView Technologies, said, “EFOY Pro fuel cells either replace conventional generators and remove our sole dependency on solar power, so in areas where solar is not a viable option, we can still provide cutting edge security.”

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