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Ready for Hydrogen (Ready4H2) explores hydrogen potential in Europe

Ready for Hydrogen (Ready4H2) to explores hydrogen potential in Europe

Around 66 gas distributors in 15 European countries have launched the Ready for Hydrogen (Ready4H2) initiative to explore hydrogen potential in Europe.

The project aims to offer a shared vision, supported by the experiences of European distributors, of the essential role of gas distribution networks in supporting the development of hydrogen.

By February 2022, the 66 Distribution System Operators (DSO) involved in the Ready4H2 project aim to demonstrate the key role of the gas distribution networks in the injection of hydrogen in the medium to long term. The consortium will conduct three studies:

Currently, the following countries are participating in the Ready4H2 project.

GRDF, as the leading gas distributor in France, is convinced that the network will be essential for hydrogen development over the coming years. GRDF is already preparing to welcome hydrogen in complete safety and at a managed cost for all its users. GRDF was also a forerunner alongside other European partners with the GRHYD project, which made it possible to experiment with supplying new homes with a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas, with a volume of hydrogen injected into the gas distribution network of up to 20%. To support the development of hydrogen, GRDF is already working on the conversion and operation of 100% H2 networks.

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