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PowerCell receives order; Desert Mountain hires Generon

PowerCell receives order; Desert Mountain hires Generon

PowerCell Sweden AB has secured an order valued at a total of MSEK 7.2 (€720k) from the German company H2FLY.

The order comprises several fuel cell systems of type P System 100 and is scheduled for delivery in Q1 2022. German hydrogen aviation start-up H2FLY is the owner and operator of HY4 aircraft, which made its maiden journey in 2016. The company aims to develop a zero-emission, certifiable hydrogen-electric powertrain for AirTaxi, General Aviation and Regional Aircraft. H2FLY will use the P System 100 fuel cell systems to develop hydrogen-electric powertrain solutions for aviation.

Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell, said, “The interest in hydrogen-electric solutions is growing quickly within the aviation industry and PowerCell has received several orders from the industry over the last 12-18 months.”

Professor Dr Ing Josef Kallo, CEO of H2FLY, noted, “With our 15 years of powertrain system experience, we are heading for certification and will change aviation.“

In a separate development, Desert Mountain Energy has selected Generon as the main contractor for building its first Solar/Hydrogen-powered Helium processing plant, located in Arizona, US. The project completion can take between 28-30 weeks, and once completed, the processing facility’s internal green power generation capabilities will provide stable cost-effective operations. Using solar and hydrogen power to meet the electrical demands provides the company with a long-term solution to ever-rising electrical costs.

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