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Legend partners with LIFTE H2; Hyzon provides update

Legend partners with LIFTE H2; Hyzon provides updates

Legend LLC (a company handling and logistics of liquid, gaseous and cryogenic commodities) and LIFTE H2 Inc (a global hydrogen company) agreed to jointly explore hydrogen solutions to business customers across the United States, including in key west coast, southeast, and northeast markets.

Legend and LIFTE both recognise the opportunity presented by the emerging hydrogen economy in North America, characterised by increasingly high ambition amongst corporations to diversify their operations and the limited hydrogen expertise in the market to meet this demand.

Leveraging Legend’s expertise in transporting hazardous materials and LIFTE’s expertise in hydrogen project engineering, delivery, operations, and codes & standards, the companies will collaborate to increase the availability of renewable hydrogen to commercial and industrial customers. Legend and LIFTE will jointly service new and existing customers utilising their combined capabilities.

Hyzon Motors 2021 deliveries

Hyzon Motors Inc. announced the delivery of 87 fuel cell-powered heavy-duty vehicles in 2021 under commercial sales agreements. These deliveries do not include any trial leases.

The 2021 shipments exceeded the forecast of 85 fuel cell vehicle deliveries set by the company in February 2021, before the deteriorating global supply chain seriously impacted the production plans of zero-emission and traditional vehicle suppliers alike.

The company anticipates the 2021 financial results will reflect a lower average selling price per vehicle due to product mix and multi-year revenue recognition for most sales, resulting in materially lower than forecast revenues and margins. The Hyzon vehicles delivered were heavy-duty fuel cell truck models ranging in weight from 18 to 49 metric tonnes deployed for various use cases.

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