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Japan JHyM to add four new hydrogen stations

JHyM (Japan H2 Mobility) new hydrogen refuelling stations in Japan

JHyM (Japan H2 Mobility) plans to install four new hydrogen refuelling stations in FY 2021 in Japan, H2 Bulletin reports.

The joint applications of JHyM and its members for the government subsidy program for installing hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) for commercial use have been adopted. Meanwhile, JHyM has also joined a Satonenryo, reaching the total number of members companies to 26.

All four hydrogen refuelling stations will have a capacity of 300 (Nm3/h) or more. Satonenryo will install one station in Koriyama, Fukushima prefecture;  Eneos Corporation will install three hydrogen refuelling stations each in Tsukuba (Ibaragi prefecture), Ayase (Kanagawa prefecture) and Oguchi (Aichi prefecture).

JHyM members companies account for 63 hydrogen, whereas the total numbers of hydrogen refuelling stations in Japan will reach 152 units across 166 locations nationwide.

In FY 2020, JHyM installed four hydrogen stations, where Air Liquide Japan installed three of them in Aichi prefecture while Iwatani Corporation installed one in Tokyo.

JHyM, was established in March 2018, aimed at the full-fledged development of hydrogen stations for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in Japan. JHyM members are:

H2 Intelligence platform maintains a database covering over 700 hydrogen refuelling stations.

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