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Hyzon eAxle to improve hydrogen trucks efficiency and reduce weight

Hyzon eAxle to improve efficiency and reduce weight in hydrogen trucks

Hyzon Motors Inc. has developed a new eAxle design that offers high efficiency for 6×4 Class-8 commercial hydrogen vehicles. The eAxle would be produced in its US facilities, with initial sample models ready for deployment next year.

The eAxle eliminates right-angle hypoid gears and uses one motor per wheel with optimised performances both at low speed and high speed. It also achieves an efficiency of up to 97%, compared to industry-standard 95%. It would also reduce the motor-to-wheel loss by about 40% and allows full torque regenerative braking.

The eAxle would be used in its next-generation Class-8 heavy trucks, an all-in-one electric powertrain. The trucks are expected to outpace competing EVs, with a peak power of 950kW and speeds up to 75 mph to be achieved by using specialised motors in each tandem.

In addition, the innovative technology would also result in a significant weight reduction to help maintain payload levels for both battery vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.

In a separate development, early this week, Hyzon also has partnered with Sojitz Machinery Corporation of America for penetrating new markets and exploring the development of new fuel cell-powered commercial mobility applications. One aim is to get access to new markets and help warehouse and logistics businesses decarbonise their operations and jointly explore possibilities to bring new fuel cell-powered machinery to market, including forklifts.

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