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Hyundai receives green light for building hydrogen fuel cell plant in China

The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has allowed Hyundai to export its fuel cell technology outside Korea. The approval was given in a meeting of the Industrial Technology Protection Committee.

H2 Bulletin understands that it is a significant decision for Hyundai to promote its technology around the world. The decision is also crucial for the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Recently, Hyundai Motor showed its intention to build its first overseas hydrogen fuel cell production plant in Guangzhou, China. If Hyundai goes ahead with the plan, this would be its first hydrogen fuel batteries plant outside Korea.

H2 Bulletin understands that the chances of technology slipover would be minimal, as the foreign hydrogen fuel cell plant would be like an assembly plant whereas most critical works remain in Korea.

Korea classified the fuel cell technology as essential national technology and therefore required authorisation from the government for foreign export.

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