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Hydrogen by Innova Pyrolysis technology shows positive results

Hydrogen by Innova Pyrolysis technology shows positive results

Innova Hydrogen Corp. has reported positive tests results of its prototype reactor, H2 Bulletin reports.

The results show that the company’s Hydrogen by Innova Pyrolysis (HIP) process has not only molecularly separated natural gas into hydrogen and graphite but verified the presence of highly valuable graphene.

Following initial testing and analysis of hydrogen samples at the University of Alberta using its gas chromatography equipment, an independent third-party report confirmed that high-purity hydrogen was produced through a permeable barrier.

Analysis of the solid carbon products was recently performed at the University of Alberta using X-ray diffraction, electron microscopes, and Raman spectra analysis, which confirmed graphite and graphene. This has major significance for lowering hydrogen production cost through a value-added revenue stream.

The company now works on the prototype optimisation with various materials that have been procured, and modelling is underway to enhance the prototype. Moreover, it has also been working on marketing the technology to strategic financial investors, industry partners, and customers.

Innova technology uses methane and heat inputs along with confidential catalysts and porous materials while using no water or oxygen inputs. The outputs yield pure hydrogen, graphite and graphene with absolutely zero CO2 emissions.

Graphite and graphene are valuable materials used in a wide range of applications such as batteries, solar cells, biomedical devices, electronics, superconductors, construction materials, sporting goods, clothing and aerospace.

Brian Alford, President & CEO, commented, “The results obtained over the past few weeks validate Innova’s strategy to become a leader in the pursuit and development of best-in-class, low cost, clean hydrogen technology.”

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