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Hydro and Shell join forces to explore renewable hydrogen projects

Hydro and Shell join forces to explore renewable hydrogen projects

Hydro Havrand (Hydro’s green hydrogen company) and Shell New Energies Holding Europe BV today (9th November) announced to have agreed to explore the potential for joint projects producing hydrogen from renewable electricity.

Under the memorandum of understanding, both partners will jointly produce and supply hydrogen produced from renewable electricity in hubs cantered around Hydro and Shell’s own business. The aim is to use the hydrogen to help decarbonise the partners’ operations and supply to customers in heavy industries, maritime and transportation.

Both partners have started initial work under the agreement and will first identify opportunities to produce and supply renewable hydrogen in Europe, with the intention to expand into additional regions and locations over time.

Replacing natural gas for heating purposes in aluminium production with renewable hydrogen will contribute to Hydro’s global commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. With green hydrogen, Hydro could further reduce the footprint of its low-carbon aluminium.

Arvid Moss, Hydro Executive VP for Energy, said, “Hydro Havrand can leverage a broad set of competencies within Hydro, and through its total offering help other industrial players succeed with their energy transitions.”

Elisabeth Brinton, Shell’s Executive VP for Renewables & Energy Solutions, commented, “Hydro Havrand and Shell can work toward a shared goal of establishing integrated hydrogen value chains and ultimately a strong global market for hydrogen.”

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