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GE, CLP to use hydrogen blend to cut emission

GE, CLP to use hydrogen blend to cut emission

CLP Holdings Co., Ltd. and GE have signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop a carbon reduction roadmap for CLP’s gas-fired power generation facilities in Hong Kong.

Both companies understand the importance of using low carbon fuels such as hydrogen in gas-fired power plants.

Under the agreement, CLP Longgutan Power Plant, which uses GE 9F.03 heavy-duty gas turbine generator to assess and formulate carbon reduction plans.

The cooperation will establish a framework to jointly explore the feasibility of using different natural gas and hydrogen blends ratios in the Longgutan Power Plant to achieve 100% hydrogen eventually.

Longgutan Power Plant is one of the largest combined-cycle gas-fired power plants globally, with a total of 10 generating units in operation. The power plant is an important asset of CLP in Hong Kong, supporting CLP to serve 2.69 million customers.

65% of Hong Kong’s carbon emissions come from power generation. Hong Kong has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The partnership will contribute to the decarbonisation drive.

CLP Group is one of the largest private power companies in Asia-Pacific, with operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan. GE is an American company. GE provides technology solutions and services across the entire value chain from the power generation end to the consumer end.

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