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GAUSSIN ATM 38T FULL ELEC passes one Million KM mark

GAUSSIN ATM 38T FULL ELEC passes one Million KM mark

GAUSSIN (a pioneer in the clean and intelligent transport of goods and people) announces that its ATM 38T FULL ELEC vehicle, dedicated to logistics, has passed the one million kilometer mark since its launch. The most famous French and international brands have adopted this electric vehicle, a pioneer in zero emission.

Today, more than 40 brands use the ATM on logistics platforms and industrial sites every day. This marketing was done through the distributor BLYYD, which starts to deploy in 2022 deliveries in Germany, England and soon in Spain and Benelux.

In less than 5 years, the ATM FULL ELEC fleet has proven itself in France. Thanks to this success, this zero emission vehicle is starting to be exported in Europe and in the United States with the leader of e-commerce and transport for which volumes of thousands of vehicles are being negotiated.

The brands that already use GAUSSIN’s ATM in their activities are the following :

GAUSSIN plans to deliver 61 ATMs on order in 2022:

An ATM has a 24-hour autonomy thanks to the “battery swapping” option, an invention patented by GAUSSIN that allows to swap batteries on an ATM in only 3 minutes. This means that the vehicle is not immobilized while the battery is being charged, resulting in a 99.5% availability rate.

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