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Doosan Mobility partners with Airon

Doosan Mobility partners with Airon

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI), a South Korea-based drone maker, today, has signed a deal with Airon Corp., a Korea drone solution provider, to facilitate developing countries with hydrogen-based drones through official development assistance (ODA) projects.

Both partners will train pilots and mechanics to better understand the hydrogen drones and develop professional maintenance management services according to the market growth to ensure customers’ satisfaction and reliability.

ODA refers to aid provided by public institutions and governments for promoting economic development and social welfare in developing countries.

The hydrogen powered drones have a high runtime capacity of flying and will improve security and logistics maintenance, supply vaccines, conduct surveys, and patrol.

Lee Doo-soon, Doosan CEO, said: “If Airon Co., Ltd.’s abundant drone operation experience is combined with hydrogen drone demonstration flight, various business opportunities can be created.”

Recently DMI has been quite focused on the development of hydrogen in the mobility sector. In February 2021, DMI announced a partnership with Citic HIC Kaicheng Intelligence Equipment Co., a China-based robot maker, where both companies develop hydrogen fuel cell-powered firefighting robots. Then in May 2021, DMI introduced its second-generation hydrogen drone DS30W.

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