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Doosan and SK Energy to promote hydrogen rechargeable fuel cells

Doosan and SK Energy to promote hydrogen rechargeable fuel cells

Doosan Fuel Cell and SK Energy will cooperate to use hydrogen rechargeable fuel cells and expand eco-friendly distributed power generation and hydrogen charging bases.

Both partners discussed the details of their last month MoU, which aimed for joint technology development and commercialisation of hydrogen-rechargeable fuel cells.

The meeting introduced the development of optimal linkage technology for hydrogen-rechargeable fuel cell (Tri-Gen) and high-purity hydrogen production systems. Trigen fuel cells can simultaneously produce electricity, hydrogen, and heat. The Tri-Gen fuel cell, which is currently in the final stage of development, will undergo internal testing this year and will be installed at the supply management office of the Korea Gas Corp.

SK Energy has developed a technology for refining hydrogen produced from Trigen fuel cells to high purity (over 99.97%) to be injected into vehicles.

Doosan Fuel Cell and SK Energy are expected to play a leading role in increasing the supply of eco-friendly infrastructure by building an eco-friendly complex energy station that can even increase the profitability of charging station operation by using fuel cells as a distributed power source at the same time as hydrogen charging. Based on SK Energy’s know-how in charging electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles, Doosan will materialise the new fuel cell business that it has been preparing for so far.

Meanwhile, early this week, Doosan also signed an MoU with Korea Western Power and Kepco E&C on a ‘living biogas (clean hydrogen) joint project’ at Doosan Tower in Dongdaemun, Seoul, Korea. The three companies will develop an eco-friendly and high-efficiency energy business that directly injects pure biogas into hydrogen fuel cells from unused biogas. Doosan Fuel Cell plans to build hydrogen fuel cell technology exclusively for pure biogas and supply main equipment, while Korea Western Power and Kepco E&C are in charge of project management and design and construction of pre-treatment facilities, respectively.

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