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DeltaPort, the Port of Rotterdam Authority strengthen cooperation on hydrogen

DeltaPort, the Port of Rotterdam Authority strengths cooperation on hydrogen

The Port of Rotterdam Authority will support DeltaPort (a group of inland ports in the northern Ruhr area) to be a regional hub for importing green hydrogen from the port of Rotterdam.

Both parties have signed the declaration of intent on 22nd September, with other signatories included German companies Thyssengas, Eon (energy company), Nordfrost (cold store operator), and Kreis Wesel (regional development company).

Both the Netherlands and Germany need to import hydrogen to meet the expected rising demand for green hydrogen in the backdrop of meeting the Paris Climate Agreement objectives.

The partnership is important for both ports partners. DeltaPort can benefit from the collaboration by combining activities and integrate these with the hydrogen strategy of North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond. One of its projects, H2UB DeltaPort, is focused on the supply of hydrogen for regional users in the Wesel and Kleve districts.

There are also substantial potential opportunities for the Port of Rotterdam Authority arising from this partnership. Firstly, the Port Authority can become a hub in the supply and transit of green hydrogen, given the presence of significant players in the region that are highly interested in green hydrogen. With high local demand, hydrogen can be imported via Rotterdam, where inland shipping and rail would play a central role.

Secondly, the Port of Rotterdam Authority intends to develop a Cool Corridor, a regular inland shipping connection for reefer containers between Rotterdam and the Ruhr area. With Nordfrost’s investment in a new centre for refrigeration logistics that can run on clean energy, the Port Authority can help develop green inland shipping connections with the deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam.

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