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Chile Corfo receives interests for US$ 12 billion green hydrogen projects

Chile Corfo US$ 12 billion green hydrogen projects

Corfo, the Chilean government organisation for promoting economic growth, has received 18 expressions of interest (EoI) to develop green hydrogen projects in the country.

The EoI came in response to the Request For Information (RFI) lodged by the Chilean government in December 2020. Among other sectors, the government plans to develop renewable energy, support national mining industries and develop export-oriented green hydrogen industry.

The total investment for the indicated projects is over US$ 12 billion. Some companies showed interest to develop plants on the public lands in Diego de Almagro, while others indicated their interest in other parts of Chile, such as Antofagasta and Atacama.

Corfo wants to fast track green hydrogen projects in the country through these RFI and various other initiatives to carry out. The organisation received interests in 18 projects, including transport, heat, green ammonia, methanol, synthetic fuels.

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