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Chile and Colombia cooperates for developing hydrogen energy market

Colombia’s Minister of Energy, Diego Mesa, met his Chilean counterpart, Juan Carlos Jobet, and discussed mutual cooperation for developing hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Both countries are in the forefronts of developing the hydrogen economy in Central and South America. They also discussed making 70% of electricity production in Latin America from renewable energy sources by 2030.

Besides these two countries in the region, Brazil also started exploring green hydrogen as a potential source for clean energy.

Colombia is keen to use hydrogen as a source of energy and is developing a roadmap for hydrogen deployment. Unidad de Planeacion Minero Energetica (UPME) and the Colombian Ministry of Sciences is working on a study to assess the future scenarios for green and blue hydrogen economy and to reduce emissions by 2050. The country also has an advantage of favourable climate conditions, for example, wind speed is twice the global average and solar radiation is more than 60% of the world average in La Guajira, a Colombian department on the Caribbean Sea.

Meanwhile, Chile is also planning to develop its ten years plan for hydrogen economy and export potential. It aims to become the cheapest producer of green hydrogen in the world. Its goal is to be in the top three exporters of green hydrogen in the coming two decades.

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