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In this section, H2 Bulletin covers thematic topics related to the hydrogen market, providing readers with an in-depth analysis of the subject. These wide-ranging topics are thoroughly researched and incorporated with inputs from market participants.


Airbus sees hydrogen as one of the most promising zero-emission technologies

Hydrogen has a specific energy-per-unit mass that is three times higher than traditional jet fuel, making it an effective zero-emission…

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Hydrogen is promising, but climate change is an urgent issue for Boeing

Boeing has been working on hydrogen and fuel cell applications for aviation for over 15 years, including four flight demonstration…

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The Philippines hydrogen economy: offshore wind turbines is an option

Since joining the Paris climate agreement, the Philippines has been progressing towards clean energy, though albeit at a slow pace.…

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Africa hydrogen economy: untapped potential for green hydrogen supply

Africa has all the raw materials necessary to produce green hydrogen. It is ready to play its role in the…

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The growing importance of platinum in the hydrogen economy; discussion with WPIC

Platinum is going to play an important role in the green hydrogen production process. To better understand the implications of…

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India launches National Hydrogen Mission

India has been trying to add hydrogen to its national decarbonisation strategy. Presenting the 2021-2022 Union Budget of India (1st…

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Rejected energy: can we save it from being wasted?

Have you heard about the term ‘rejected energy’? That is right. It is the part of the energy which is…

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GM Hydrogen FC technology seems trivial in 2035 strategy

General Motors Co. (GM) has become the first auto giant to put a timeline for ending its fossil fuel vehicles…

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Is hydrogen on the compass for the shipping industry?

The shipping industry is considered a backbone of global trade and accounts for around 90% of the total global trade.…

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Hydrogen cost can be reduced, and efficiency increased: Latest research findings

Finding solutions to produce green hydrogen at a low cost can resemble the Holy Grail for the hydrogen industry. Currently,…

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