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In this section, H2 Bulletin covers thematic topics related to the hydrogen market, providing readers with an in-depth analysis of the subject. These wide-ranging topics are thoroughly researched and incorporated with inputs from market participants.


Hydrogen Economy Update: Weak demand leads to the end of Honda Clarity

In Europe, the Spanish taxi association Federación Profesional del Taxi de Madrid (Fptm) expressed interest in replacing 1,000 internal combustion…

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Hydrogen Economy Review: Chinese companies eye hydrogen in industrial applications

The 6th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference (FCVC 2021) took place in China and was attended by leading…

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Hydrogen Economy Review: Russian companies sign several hydrogen-related agreements during Spief

This week several agreements regarding hydrogen in the transportation and industrial sectors have been inked. Europe has remained active in…

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Rosatom, Enagas and hydrogen-powered shipping dominate the market: Hydrogen Economy Review

The Russian government has been regularly discussing with other countries, particularly Germany, to explore hydrogen opportunity. Germany needs Russia’s natural…

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Hydrogen Economy Review: Earth day, climate summit and transportation dominate the market

This week the market has been dominated by carbon cuts pledges. Governments and businesses have reaffirmed their commitments for their…

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Carbon neutrality goals by company

Companies have been taking ambitious steps toward committing to support the environment by pledging to net-zero targets. To be carbon…

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easyJet to fly hydrogen planes in the 2030s, SAF is the interim step

Decarbonisation seems to have reset the technological developments in aviation, making the future more complex and challenging. The smaller aircraft…

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Chinese companies are raising their bets on hydrogen in the mobility sector

Several leading Chinese companies have recently announced their plans for developing hydrogen and fuel cell technology with the ambition to…

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HyPoint says biofuel does not solve zero-emission aviation

Hydrogen-powered commercial aviation is technically feasible, and the technology is already under development. Current (low-temperature) hydrogen fuel cell technology is…

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ZeroAvia foresees hydrogen powertrain becoming cost-effective

The global aviation industry accounts for about 2% of the global emission. Its share of carbon emission in the overall transportation sector is…

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