H2 Bulletin covers hydrogen and fuel cell technology in details with applications across various sectors. Fuel cell technology plays a vital part in the hydrogen energy market, particularly mobility, so some news on the fuel industry may also be found in other news categories.

Bladon partners with Loughborough University; Honeywell sees breakthrough in SMR

Honeywell and ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies have agreed to commercialise ZoneFlow Reactor Technology.

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World-first hydrogen combustion electrode furnace lunches

Noritake Co Ltd, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., and TGES have developed the world’s first hydrogen combustion-type continuous combustion furnace ‘C-SERT-RHK-Nero’…

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B&W commercialises BrightLoop technology; AmmPower produces ammonia

Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) has signed an agreement with the Ohio State Innovation Foundation for an exclusive commercial license for…

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FuelCell Energy and ExxonMobil extends CO2 capture agreement

FuelCell Energy has signed a six-month extension with ExxonMobil to collaborate on carbonate fuel cell technology to capture CO2 from…

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Patriot Hydrogen and CAC-H₂ partner; Titan Hydrogen improves FC efficiency

Patriot Hydrogen has established a joint venture with Singaporean renewable fuel technology company CAC-H₂.

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Axion buys stack in Hydrogen Investee; Next Hydrogen on OTC; DeFi project advances

Axion Ventures Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 50% partnership stake in H2CI KuniUmi Asia, Inc.

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Eifer and Insplorion to collaborate

Eifer and Insplorion have started collaboration where Eifer also bought Insplorion X1 instrument to advance their research in hydrogen-related fields.…

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Green hydrogen making inroads in the paper industry

Essity is launching a pilot project to run a paper machine CO2-free with green hydrogen at its production facility in…

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Hydrogen Optimized advances green hydrogen technology

Hydrogen Optimized today (26th October) has announced to have completed a demonstration of the world’s highest-current water electrolyser since the…

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Bloom Energy and SK Ecoplant expand partnership

Bloom Energy (a leading energy company) and SK Ecoplant (an affiliate of South Korean conglomerate SK Group) announced to expand…

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