H2 Bulletin covers hydrogen and fuel cell technology in details with applications across various sectors. Fuel cell technology plays a vital part in the hydrogen energy market, particularly mobility, so some news on the fuel industry may also be found in other news categories.

Worthington Industries launches new hydrogen gas cylinder

Worthington Industries, Inc, an American diversified industrial metals manufacturing company, has launched a new hydrogen cylinder brand that is customised…

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Green hydrogen at $1.33 Kg/H2 using NASA technology

United Energies Development Corporation, an Arizona-based wholesale industrial, retail gas producer company, said that it had produced green hydrogen from…

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Japanese consortium completes hydrogen supply chain demonstration System

Chiyoda Corporation, a Japanese engineering company, specialised in oil and gas industry, has completed the first global hydrogen supply chain…

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Aberdeen International adds hydrogen to its portfolio

Aberdeen International Inc., a Canadain investment company and merchant bank, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 41.67% of…

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Australia’s NERA to develop 13 hydrogen clusters across the country

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), to invest $ 1.75 million (US$ 1.32 million) in developing 13 hydrogen clusters across Australia…

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Loop Energy and ECUBES sign offtake agreement

Loop Energy, a Canadian developer of hydrogen fuel cell-based solutions, to supply its cell modules to Ecubes – a Slovenian…

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Aemetis to install 25Mil gallons/year biofuel capacity using hydrogen

Aemetis, Inc., an industrial biotechnology company, said that its carbon-zero biofuels production facility would have the design capacity of 25…

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BioSolar raises $5M for its green hydrogen technology

BioSolar Inc, a US developer of energy technologies, has said that it inked a security purchase agreement with an institutional…

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Sumitomo to build hydrogen plants in Australia and Oman

Sumitomo Corporation, a Japanese trading company and JGC Holdings Corporation, a Japanese engineering company, plans to build a green hydrogen…

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NOW GmbH and GIHK Service to promote hydrogen and fuel cell technology

Hydrogen applications are gaining tractions in mobility, so the companies are also preparing to transition towards clean energy. The efforts…

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