H2 Bulletin covers hydrogen and fuel cell technology in details with applications across various sectors. Fuel cell technology plays a vital part in the hydrogen energy market, particularly mobility, so some news on the fuel industry may also be found in other news categories.

Ballard launches new fuel cell engine for commercial vehicles

Ballard Power Systems has launched FCmove™-HD+, designed for buses and medium and heavy-duty trucks, the latest product in its 8th…

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Enapter to scale electrolyser production in Germany

Enapter, a cleantech company, has broken ground on its mass-production facility for electrolysers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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Plug Power to open European HQ in Germany

Plug Power Inc. will expand its operations with a European headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

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Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies raises €50 million

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies has raised a further €50 million to scale and commercialise its technology.

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JM announced new hydrogen technology business

 Johnson Matthey has established Hydrogen Technologies business by combining its Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells entities.

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ITM Power joins Hydrogen Ireland; Star Scientific fills deputy chair role

ITM Power has joined Hydrogen Ireland (H2IRL) to support facilitating public and business awareness of the potential of hydrogen.

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Startup Thiozen raises $3 million for waste to hydrogen technology

Thiozen announced today (8th September) to have raised $ 3 million in Series Seed funding.

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Schlumberger, EnerVenue partner for Nickle-Hydrogen energy storage solutions

Schlumberger New Energy has entered an agreement with EnerVenue for metal-hydrogen stationary energy storage solutions.

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Asahi Kasei, JDC partner for mega scale hydrogen production system

Asahi Kasei and JGC will jointly demonstrate the large alkaline water electrolysis system on a scale of up to 100…

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Raven, Hyzon, Republic Services to produce commercial green hydrogen in California

Raven SR Inc. (a renewable fuels company) has collaborated with Republic Services Inc. to convert organic waste to produce green…

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