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H2 Bulletin covers hydrogen applications in the heat and power sectors. It is used to produce power and heat, particularly on an industrial scale. The recent developments are taking it to the next level.

Octopus Hydrogen, Innova and Novus to produce green hydrogen in UK

Octopus Hydrogen has partnered with Innova Renewables and Novus to build green hydrogen production facilities in the UK.

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Tesvolt to supply battery storage system for green hydrogen production projects

Tesvolt (a German battery storage system manufacturer) is working with the Schaper Group to implement a range of green hydrogen…

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Mitsubishi, Chiyoda and Sembcorp to establish hydrogen supply chain in Singapore

Mitsubishi, Chiyoda and Sembcorp today have signed an MOU to explore a commercial-scale, decarbonised hydrogen supply chain in Singapore.

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Germany tests hydrogen-powered cars as mobile power plants

Germany’s DLR Institute for Vehicle Concepts in Stuttgart is working on coordinating energy flows between vehicles, consumers, and distribution networks.

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Colombia publishes hydrogen roadmap

The Colombian government has published the hydrogen roadmap, showing the next 30 years path for developing, generating, and using hydrogen.

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SoCalGas blends hydrogen in a controlled field environment

SoCalGas has successfully blended up to 20% hydrogen through a closed-loop natural gas system complete with natural gas residential appliances.

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Mauritania announces Project Nour- a 10GW green hydrogen project

Chariot has signed an MoU with the Government of Mauritania through the Ministry of Petroleum, Mines & Energy to develop…

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Aurora project to decarbonise buildings through hydrogen

The Nomads Foundation, GreenGT SA, Romande Energie SA and Realstone Group to integrate local hydrogen into the energy mix of…

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Pinera highlights Haru Oni at the Global Citizen event

Sebastián Piñera, the President of Chile, highlighted the importance of the construction of the first green hydrogen plant in the…

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Australian Hydrogen Council proposes $10B Net Zero Fund

Australia needs a Net Zero Fund to prioritise funding for hydrogen-based decarbonisation projects such as heavy transport and ammonia production,…

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