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H2 Bulletin covers hydrogen applications in the heat and power sectors. It is used to produce power and heat, particularly on an industrial scale. The recent developments are taking it to the next level.

Rotterdam can supply Europe with 4.6M tonnes of hydrogen by 2030

The port of Rotterdam and the cluster of companies can supply Northwestern Europe with 4.6 million tonnes of hydrogen annually…

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Clean-Seas India commissions plastic waste-to-hydrogen facility in India

Clean-Seas India (CSI) (a subsidiary of Clean Vision Corporation in India) has commissioned its 1.2 tonne/day waste-plastic pyrolysis plant in…

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ENGIE, OCI, and EEW announce HyNetherlands (HyNL) project

ENGIE, OCI (Europe's leading producer of methanol) and EEW (a leading company in the production of electricity and heat from…

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RNT-EP and Minbos power supply agreement progresses

Minbos Resources Limited has received a formal resolution from RNT-EP of its intention to enter an agreement with Minbos for…

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The City of Lancaster partners with Choshu Industries

The City of Lancaster, California, has partnered with Choshu Industries Corp. of America (CICA), a Yamaguchi, Japan-based company in R&D,…

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RWE receives funding approval for the Lingen facility

RWE has received funding approval for a 14 MW electrolyser test facility in Lingen, where the construction works to start…

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Superior Plus and Charbone agree on green hydrogen supply

Superior Propane and Charbone Hydrogen Corporation have entered into a supply and logistics agreement to provide green hydrogen to commercial…

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APA Group sees hydrogen as the way to net-zero

APA Group is investigating the complete conversion of a high-pressure gas transmission pipeline to hydrogen, APGA CEO Steve Davies said.

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Atome Energy and Ande sign PPA in Paraguay to produce hydrogen

Atome Energy has signed its first major 60 MW Power Purchase Agreement in Paraguay to enable a clear path to…

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Rockpoint, Plug, Certarus and FortisBC partnership in Canada

Rockpoint Gas Storage Canada, Plug, Certarus and FortisBC signed an MoU to produce, transport, and burn hydrogen in a small-scale…

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