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H2 Bulletin publishes the latest news and insight on the fast-evolving hydrogen market. The topics covered in the news are hydrogen technology, hydrogen applications in mobility, transport, heating and power and other key areas of interest. H2 Bulletin also covers the key developments in all types of hydrogen with detailed coverage on green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is dependent on renewable, and therefore H2 Bulletin also publishes related news on renewable when they are linked to the generation of green hydrogen.

H2 Bulletin also categorises hydrogen news based on the region so users can easily find them in their respective categories. We divided the world into major geographic regions which can be accessed through the main navigational tags at the end of each post.

BHP and HBIS to explore emission reduction technologies, including hydrogen

Bhp, the global iron ore giant, and China’s Hbis, a major steelmaker, will explore ways to reduce emission in the…

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Advent Technologies to open a new manufacturing facility

Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc., a US fuel cell and hydrogen technology company, will build a new production facility at Hood…

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Posco to expand fuel cell separator capacity due to growing demand in mobility

Posco is expanding its production capacity of bipolar plates, used in hydrogen fuel cells, to accommodate the growing demand for…

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Russian steelmaker contemplates green hydrogen for the new plant

Russia’s mining and metallurgy company which owns Mikhailovsky HBI in a JV with USM, another mining and metal company, considers…

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S-Oil expands to hydrogen fuel cell market

S-Oil, which is owned by Saudi Aramco, has acquired a 20% stake in Korean-Saudi Arabian hydrogen fuel cell developer Fuel…

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Hydrogen is promising, but climate change is an urgent issue for Boeing

Boeing has been working on hydrogen and fuel cell applications for aviation for over 15 years, including four flight demonstration…

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Italian companies plan electrolysers across Italy, Albania and Morocco

Two Italian companies agreed to develop five electrolysis plants across Italy and in the Mediterranean Basin, H2Bulletin reports. Under the plan,…

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Haldor Topsoe to build SOEC electrolyser manufacturing facility

Haldor Topsoe, a Danish catalysis company, plans to develop a new manufacturing facility producing solid oxide electrolysers (SOEC). The initial…

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Chinese automaker launches fuel cell truck

A Chinese heavy vehicles manufacturer has added a new truck to its portfolio powered by a hydrogen fuel system. China’s…

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Fusion Fuel to develop green hydrogen infrastructure in Spain and India

Fusion Fuel Green Plc, a green hydrogen technology company and Confederación Española de Empresarios de Estaciones de Servicio (Ceees) (translates…

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