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H2 Bulletin publishes the latest news and insight on the fast-evolving hydrogen market. The topics covered in the news are hydrogen technology, hydrogen applications in mobility, transport, heating and power and other key areas of interest. H2 Bulletin also covers the key developments in all types of hydrogen with detailed coverage on green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is dependent on renewable, and therefore H2 Bulletin also publishes related news on renewable when they are linked to the generation of green hydrogen.

H2 Bulletin also categorises hydrogen news based on the region so users can easily find them in their respective categories. We divided the world into major geographic regions which can be accessed through the main navigational tags at the end of each post.

Air Liquide supplies technology to a mega hydrogen station in China

Air Liquide Houpu Hydrogen Equipment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Air Liquide Group, has installed eight hydrogen dispenser units in…

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Hyundai, Kia and Next Hydrogen to advance alkaline electrolysis technology

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Next Hydrogen Corporation to develop an…

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Fortescue to build $6B mega green hydrogen plant in Ceará, Brazil

Fortescue Future Industries Pty Ltd (FFI) (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortescue Metals Group Ltd) and the State of Ceará have…

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Eni, Sonatrach progress for hydrogen production in Algeria

Eni (an Italian multinational oil and gas company) and Sonatrach (the state-owned oil company of Algeria) have progressed towards materialising…

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Svevind plans mega hydrogen production facilities in Mangystau, Kazakhstan

Svevind Energy GmbH (German investor and a project developer) and the Akimat of Mangystau region agreed to build green hydrogen…

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TUPY, Westport Fuel Systems and AVL to develop Hydrogen-powered combustion engine

Tupy (a specialist of casting and machining of structural components), Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (an alternative fuel and low emission…

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Sumitomo, Tokyo Gas to install 2 MW PEM electrolyser, using ITM technology

Two Japanese companies, Sumitomo Corporation and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., will conduct a joint hydrogen utilisation demonstration experiment at the…

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Hyzon, Chart partner for 1k mile range truck with liquid hydrogen

Hyzon Motors Inc. (a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles supplier) and Chart Industries Inc. (a manufacturer of energy and…

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Shell, Uniper to collaborate on developing European hydrogen economy

Shell Gas & Power Developments BV and Uniper Hydrogen GmbH have agreed to expedite the development of a hydrogen economy…

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Enova funds Teco 2030 & Implenia hydrogen generator project for construction sites

Teco 2030 (an engineering and equipment development company) and Implenia Norway (an infrastructure contractor and a subsidiary of Implenia) will…

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