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H2 Bulletin publishes the latest news and insight on the fast-evolving hydrogen market. The topics covered in the news are hydrogen technology, hydrogen applications in mobility, transport, heating and power and other key areas of interest. H2 Bulletin also covers the key developments in all types of hydrogen with detailed coverage on green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is dependent on renewable, and therefore H2 Bulletin also publishes related news on renewable when they are linked to the generation of green hydrogen.

H2 Bulletin also categorises hydrogen news based on the region so users can easily find them in their respective categories. We divided the world into major geographic regions which can be accessed through the main navigational tags at the end of each post.

P2X Europe, Nordic Electrofuel to cooperate on power-to-liquid

P2X Europe plans to purchase synthesis-based e-fuels and waxes from renewable raw materials from Nordic Electrofuel.

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Thyssenkrupp to install green hydrogen plant for Shell in the port of Rotterdam

Thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers has signed a supply contract with Shell for a 200 MW electrolysis plant in Rotterdam, the…

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Sinewave project receives German funding

ITM Power GmbH (the German-based subsidiary of ITM Power) has been approved for a €1.95 million award for the Sinewave…

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Hydropolis United and RZZO to develop a waste to hydrogen system in Poland

Hydropolis United Sp Zoo has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with RZZO sp zoo for operating plastic to hydrogen…

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Doosan and 42air agree for hydrogen-powered drones

Doosan Mobility Innovation and 42air signed an MoU to co-develop delivery services using hydrogen fuel cell unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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Quantum delivers hydrogen Virtual pipeline trailers to Certarus

Quantum Fuel Systems (a fully integrated alternative energy company) has delivered virtual pipeline trailers for hydrogen to Certarus Ltd.

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Toyota, Everfuel and DRIVR to scale-up hydrogen taxis in Copenhagen

Toyota, Everfuel and DRIVR have signed a five years collaboration agreement on expanding the market for fuel-cell taxis.

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UGI and Vertimass to produce renewable fuels in the US and Europe

UGI Corporation has signed a 15-year agreement with Vertimass to use their catalytic technology to make renewable fuels from renewable…

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JM launches HyCOgen technology

Johnson Matthey has launched HyCOgen, which is designed to play a pivotal role in converting captured CO2 and green hydrogen…

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Australia announces Australian Clean Hydrogen Trade Program (ACHTP)

Australia is supporting its clean hydrogen export industry through a new initiative to attract overseas investment in its hydrogen supply…

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