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H2 Bulletin publishes the latest news and insight on the fast-evolving hydrogen market. The topics covered in the news are hydrogen technology, hydrogen applications in mobility, transport, heating and power and other key areas of interest. H2 Bulletin also covers the key developments in all types of hydrogen with detailed coverage on green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is dependent on renewable, and therefore H2 Bulletin also publishes related news on renewable when they are linked to the generation of green hydrogen.

H2 Bulletin also categorises hydrogen news based on the region so users can easily find them in their respective categories. We divided the world into major geographic regions which can be accessed through the main navigational tags at the end of each post.

Gaussin partners with Nexport in Oceania; Proton licenses UPC Hydrogen sites in Asia

Gaussin Manugistique signed partnership for 20 years with Nexport Zero Emission Transport to locally assemble and supply zero-emission vehicles in…

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Germany adopts draft of the Hydrogen Network Fee Ordinance

The German Federal Government today (22nd September) has adopted the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy draft ordinance on…

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Orsted, Williams to explore PtX and Hydrogen in US

Orsted and Williams today (22nd September) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to jointly explore the potential of developing…

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Win4H2 consortium aims for 50 green hydrogen stations across Spain

Exolum, Naturgy and Scale Gas (a subsidiary of Enagás) have established Win4H2, the first major hydrogen alliance for mobility corridors.…

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Ineos Grangemouth plans £1B for hydrogen to curb emission

Ineos Grangemouth to invest £1 billion to run the site on hydrogen in a race to cut greenhouse gas emissions…

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Tulips to support hydrogen role in sustainable aviation

The Tulips consortium, consisting of 29 organisations, aims to speed up the rollout of sustainable technologies in aviation, including hydrogen.

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Cegas, Dcta, Embraer, ITA, UFC discuss hydrogen for Brazil aviation sector

Cegas, Dcta, Embraer, ITA and UFC discussed technological partnerships for the production and distribution of the green hydrogen-air sector in…

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Neoenergia to enable green hydrogen-powered public transport in Ceará

Neoenergia and the Government of Ceará have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement an urban mobility project powering public…

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Alstom, Plastic Omnium to design hydrogen storage solutions for railway

Alstom (a leading railway transportation company) and Plastic Omnium (a hydrogen mobility company) will collaborate to develop high-end hydrogen storage…

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Imperial, Sasol to develop hydrogen mobility ecosystem in Southern Africa

Imperial Logistics and Sasol South Africa will collaborate to co-develop Southern Africa’s hydrogen mobility ecosystem. The collaboration can benefit from…

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