Aviation and Maritime

In this news section, H2 Bulletin covers all the hydrogen industry news which have implications for the aviation and shipping sectors. It covers the aviation and maritime sectors. Both these sectors are quite active in using hydrogen as an alternative fuel to reduce emission.

Hydrogen is promising, but climate change is an urgent issue for Boeing

Boeing has been working on hydrogen and fuel cell applications for aviation for over 15 years, including four flight demonstration…

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HyPoint unveils hydrogen fuel cell prototype for aviation and urban air mobility

HyPoint, a US start-up working on a hydrogen fuel cell system for aviation, has revealed its first functional prototype turbo…

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US hydrogen technology company and DoE to work on HT-PEM fuel cells

A high-temperature proton exchange membrane (HT-PEM) fuel cell is a platform technology that targets passenger, commercial vehicle, drone and lightweight…

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Hydrogen is gaining momentum in the aviation sector

Like many other sectors, aviation is also facing the challenge of decarbonisation. It is estimated that the global aviation sector…

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Global shipping giant pursues ammonia and biofuel for decarbonisation

Shipping companies are looking for solutions to make their voyages emission-free. Hydrogen, biofuel and ammonia are considered some of the…

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Airbus joins a coalition for sustainable aviation

Airbus has joined the Coalition for the Energy of the Future to support finding innovative solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions…

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Japanese consortium releases findings on Chita hydrogen port terminal

A Japanese consortium anticipates that demand for hydrogen can reach 110k tonnes/year by 2030 in the Chubu region, requiring around…

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Shoreham Port to produce 2.5k tonnes of hydrogen for local needs

Shoreham Port (a port in Brighton, UK) and H2evolution (a UK independent hydrogen development company) are partnered for building a…

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Airbus wants Paris a hydrogen hub

Airbus has issued a worldwide call for expressions of interest today  (11th February) to explore the use of hydrogen at…

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TECO 2030 & Thecla Bodewes join for hydrogen-powered vessels

Norway’s Teco 2030 has signed a strategic partnership agreement today (4th February) with the Dutch Thecla Bodewes Shipyards NV to…

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