Aviation and Maritime

In this news section, H2 Bulletin covers all the hydrogen industry news which have implications for the aviation and shipping sectors. It covers the aviation and maritime sectors. Both these sectors are quite active in using hydrogen as an alternative fuel to reduce emission.

Air Liquide, Airbus and Groupe ADP to make Paris airports ready for hydrogen based aviation

Air Liquide, Airbus and Groupe ADP agreed to prepare for the arrival of hydrogen in airports by 2035 as part…

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Hydrogen Economy Update: Weak demand leads to the end of Honda Clarity

In Europe, the Spanish taxi association Federación Profesional del Taxi de Madrid (Fptm) expressed interest in replacing 1,000 internal combustion…

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Teco and Chart to develop marine carbon capture and storage solutions

Norway’s Teco 2030 Asa and the US Chart Industries, Inc will jointly develop technological solutions for capturing CO₂ emitted from…

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Yara and Trafigura to explore clean ammonia potential

Trafigura Pte Ltd, a major commodity trader, and Yara International ASA, a leading ammonia company, will collaborate on using ammonia…

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AqualisBraemar partners CMAL’s Hyseas III project

AqualisBraemar LOC (independent global energy and marine consultancy) partnered with Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd. (CMAL) (a Scottish public organisation that…

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Germany announces €8 Billion for 62 hydrogen projects

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Transport today (28th May) announced the selection of 62 large-scale…

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South Korean army buys hydrogen-powered drones from Doosan

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), South Korea’s arms procurement agency, on Monday (17th May), stated that it has agreed…

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Australia’s Hypersonix conducts hydrogen-powered scramjet performance tests

Australia’s Hypersonix Launch Systems has tested the Spartan fifth-generation scramjet engine in a hypersonic shock tunnel, H2 Bulletin reports. The…

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Teco 2030 completes onboard carbon capture study; Siemens partners for marine eFuel

Teco 2030 ASA has completed Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) feasibility study with AVL and concluded that onboard Carbon Capture…

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Rosatom, Enagas and hydrogen-powered shipping dominate the market: Hydrogen Economy Review

The Russian government has been regularly discussing with other countries, particularly Germany, to explore hydrogen opportunity. Germany needs Russia’s natural…

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