Aviation and Maritime

In this news section, H2 Bulletin covers all the hydrogen industry news which have implications for the aviation and shipping sectors. It covers the aviation and maritime sectors. Both these sectors are quite active in using hydrogen as an alternative fuel to reduce emission.

Hypersonix and Boeing to develop hydrogen-powered hypersonic spacecraft

Hypersonix Launch Systems, an Australian aerospace design and development start-up company, has agreed with Boeing to conduct a joint study…

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Ricardo and Innovatus joins hydrogen fuel cell aviation consortium

Caes, which is leading the Project Fresson consortium for developing the hydrogen fuel cell-powered plane, is now joined by Ricardo…

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HyPoint says biofuel does not solve zero-emission aviation

Hydrogen-powered commercial aviation is technically feasible, and the technology is already under development. Current (low-temperature) hydrogen fuel cell technology is…

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Saga Pure takes ownerships in IC Technologies

Saga Pure Asa (a Norwegian investment company operating in areas such as renewable energy and hydrogen) has said today (25th…

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The Port of Rotterdam explores South Australia for green hydrogen

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has agreed with the South Australian Government to conduct a feasibility study of importing green…

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Boeing’s Insitu provides updates on its drone fuel cell technology

Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing, unveiled progress details about its hydrogen fuel-cell power drone technology, H2Bulletin reports. The company unmanned…

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ZeroAvia foresees hydrogen powertrain becoming cost-effective

The global aviation industry accounts for about 2% of the global emission. Its share of carbon emission in the overall transportation sector is…

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Ardmore partners to decarbonise the shipping industry

Ardmore, a seaborne transportation company that owns and operates a fleet of medium-range vessels, has shown a keen interest in…

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Australian and the Netherlands ports test the waters for hydrogen

Seaports are the backbone of the global economy, as most goods are traded through waterborne transport. Given the growing hydrogen…

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Airbus sees hydrogen as one of the most promising zero-emission technologies

Hydrogen has a specific energy-per-unit mass that is three times higher than traditional jet fuel, making it an effective zero-emission…

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