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In this news section, H2 Bulletin covers all the hydrogen industry news which have implications for the automotive sector. It covers all forms of land transportation, including all types of vehicles including light vehicles, medium & heavy vehicles, and locomotive.

Sinopec launches MW hydrogen project

Sinopec has launched its first megawatt-level electrolysis based hydrogen production demonstration project in Zhongyuan Oilfield, Henan province, China.

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Kamaz unveils hydrogen fuel cell electric bus

Russia’s Kamaz has recently presented the first low-floor hydrogen-electric bus Kamaz-6290, H2 Bulletin reports.

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Kamaz and GreenGt to develop hydrogen trucks

Kamaz (the Russian automaker) and GreenGT (the French-Swiss engineering group) will jointly develop hydrogen-powered trucks.

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Ballard and Quantron partner to develop hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks

Ballard Power (a leading fuel cell technology company) and Quantron (a German-based electric vehicle integration company) partnered to accelerate the…

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McPhy to supply H2 station to the R-Hynoca project in Strasbourg

The R-Hynoca project will use an innovative Hynoca process to produce green hydrogen through the thermolysis of biomass.

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Hydrogen Economy Weekly Review

California leads the US in supporting hydrogen fuel cell technology deployment, including development of hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

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DG Fuel gets closer to $2.5B loans from DoE

DG Fuels LLC today (3rd September) said to have been invited to submit a Part II Application for a US$…

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Nikola accelerates sales and service coverage across US

Nikola Corporation will expand its Class 8 truck sales and service coverage in cooperation with Quinn Company.

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Consortium to convert British Columbia diesel locomotive to hydrogen

Loop Energy and Hydrogen In Motion to convert a Southern Railway of British Colombia owned diesel switcher locomotive to hydrogen.

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SSAB to deliver hydrogen made green steel to Mercedes-Benz

SSAB and Mercedes-Benz have partnered to introduce CO2-free steel, using hydrogen, into vehicle production.

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