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In this news section, H2 Bulletin covers all the hydrogen industry news which have implications for the automotive sector. It covers all forms of land transportation, including all types of vehicles including light vehicles, medium & heavy vehicles, and locomotive.

Ballard launches new fuel cell engine for commercial vehicles

Ballard Power Systems has launched FCmoveâ„¢-HD+, designed for buses and medium and heavy-duty trucks, the latest product in its 8th…

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Hyzon to supply 500 hydrogen trucks to Hongyun in China

Hyzon Motors has signed an MoU with Shanghai Hydrogen Hongyun Automotive Co., ltd. to supply 500 units of 49-ton hydrogen-powered…

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Woodside joins HyStation consortium for hydrogen refuelling in South Korea

Woodside joined HyStation, which aims to build and operate hydrogen refuelling stations for public transport bus fleets in South Korea.

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BMW debuts iX5 hydrogen fuel cell SUV

BMW, the German automaker, recently presented its BMW iX5 Hydrogen SUV at the International Mobility Show (IAA).

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Hyundai Motor to switch commercial vehicle models to fuel cells by 2028

Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled its vision for hydrogen energy and a global hydrogen society at the Hydrogen Wave global…

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Chevron, Caterpillar to explore hydrogen opportunity

Chevron USA Inc, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, and Caterpillar Inc. will work on hydrogen projects in the transportation and…

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Chart, ISQ increase investment in Htec

Chart Industries, Inc and I Squared Capital (ISQ) completed an expanded investment of a CA$ 217 million in Htec Hydrogen…

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Loop Energy, Mettem to build hydrogen-electric powertrains

Loop Energy and Mettem-M Ltd partnered to provide hydrogen-electric powertrain solutions to commercial vehicle OEMs in Europe.

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Plastic Omnium to supply hydrogen storage systems to MPV Staria

Plastic Omnium will supply hydrogen storage systems to Hyundai Motors new Multi-Purpose Vehicle Staria.

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Sinopec launches MW hydrogen project

Sinopec has launched its first megawatt-level electrolysis based hydrogen production demonstration project in Zhongyuan Oilfield, Henan province, China.

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