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Canada’s Questerre and Norway’ ZEG to explore blue hydrogen

Canada’s Questerre and Norway’ ZEG to explore blue hydrogen

Questerre Energy Corporation (Canada energy technology company) has announced today (6th March) of signing a letter of intent with Zeg Power AS (Norway technology company) to explore joint venture opportunities for producing blue hydrogen.

Both partners will explore opportunities to evaluate Zeg blue hydrogen technology at its Questerre’s clean gas project in Quebec. Both will also explore engineering and economic due diligence for a demonstration plant concept, leading to larger commercial plants.

Michael Binnion, President and Chief Executive Officer of Questerre, said, “As we move from near-zero-emissions responsible production of natural gas to the idea of zero-emissions consumption, the technologies to capture the carbon emissions are essential.”

Kathrine K. Ryengen, Chief Commercial Officer of Zeg Power, said that the Questerre clean tech energy project in Quebec represents a unique opportunity to commercialise our technology in Canada.

Zeg Power was established in 2008 as a spin-off from Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway, and is now in the process of upscaling and commercialising its technology. It has recently completed its first plant at the CCB Energy Park in Kollsnes, Norway, where production is expected to start in 2022. Its one-step process produces hydrogen and captures carbon dioxide with improved economics.

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