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Ballard and GEV to develop hydrogen ship

Ballard to provide hydrogen fuel technology to GEV's C-H2 Ship

Ballard Power Systems, a Canadian producer of PEM fuel cell products for heavy vehicles, and Global Energy Ventures, an Australian provider of energy shipping solutions, on (3rd February) signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a new fuel cell-powered ship, called C-H2 Ship. The Ship will be designed specifically for transporting compressed green hydrogen as well as powered by hydrogen.

Hydrogen storage and shipment have been a hot topic recently, and various consortiums have been established to sort out hydrogen’s shipping issue.

The small prototype demonstration ship would require around 10 MW power for sailing. However, the full-scale C-H2 Ship requires around 26 MW propulsion power and can store up to 2,000 tonnes of compressed green hydrogen.

Ballard will use its FCwaveTM technology and work on the design and integration of the fuel cell system. The fuel cell will source its hydrogen fuel from the onboard compressed green hydrogen stored and transported by the Ship. GEV will work on the design approvals, ship development, power system, project financing, and operational aspects.

Martin Carolan, Executive Director of Global Energy Ventures, said that this MOU is a significant step in the C-H2 Ship. At this occasion, Rob Campbell, Ballard CCO told that working with GEV will allow us to advance MW-scale hydrogen fuel cell and storage integration onboard a sizeable marine vessel. We are looking forward to collaborating with GEV on the visionary C-H2 Ship.

A simple & energy-efficient supply chain. Photo: GEV


Global Energy Ventures Ltd was founded in 2016 to provide integrated compressed shipping solutions for the transportation of natural gas and hydrogen. It introduced the world’s first large-scale Compressed H2 Ship (C-H2 Ship) design to help the shipping of hydrogen.

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