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B&W commercialises BrightLoop technology; AmmPower produces ammonia

B&W commercialises BrightLoop technology; AmmPower produces ammonia

Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) has signed an agreement with the Ohio State Innovation Foundation for an exclusive, worldwide commercial license for a chemical looping process and particle used for decarbonisation and hydrogen, steam, or syngas production.

B&W and the Ohio State University jointly researched, developed, and demonstrated the technology B&W offers under the BrightLoop name as part of its innovative ClimateBrightâ„¢ suite of decarbonisation and hydrogen production technologies.

The technology has been successfully demonstrated by producing hydrogen from syngas at the US National Carbon Capture Center. The BrightLoop process uses oxide particles and can be used with many fuels, including natural gas, biogases, petroleum coke, coal, and biogas from municipal solid waste for waste-to-energy and syngas.

BrightLoop technology is ideal for hydrogen producers, petrochemical facilities, oil & gas producers, utilities, manufacturers, or other industrial companies that want to generate clean hydrogen, syngas, and energy with near-zero carbon emissions.

In another development, AmmPower Corp. has produced its first laboratory ammonia at its recently opened manufacturing & development facility in Southeast Michigan, US. AmmPower has worked on the development and validation of new catalyst technologies and production processes for synthesising ammonia as well as on ammonia cracking to release hydrogen. AmmPower’s innovative ammonia cracking technology will allow hydrogen to be more easily transported as ammonia and then released at the point of use.

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