About Us

The global power industry is in the early stages of its most dramatic transformation in over a century. The rapid advancement in clean energy, combined with climate change initiatives and growing corporate responsibilities, will change how we produce, distribute and consume power.

Green hydrogen is experiencing a global resurgence and is considered a leading clean energy source that could help the world achieving the net-zero emissions goal in the coming decades.

H2 Bulletin was launched in London in 2020 by its parent company Commodity Inside aiming to provide the premium intelligence service for hydrogen professionals. H2 Bulletin mission is to provide timely information for the hydrogen and global clean energy markets. 

H2 Bulletin is an independent entity set up to provide authoritative, well-researched information for hydrogen executives, analysts, service providers and consumers. It maintains a strict editorial policy. With market research and authoritative news, H2 Bulletin is the leading market intelligence provider for this next-generation power system.

H2 Bulletin delivers business news and market analysis, which timely inform companies in the global hydrogen market. H2 Bulletin’s news and analysis coverage is provided by its talented journalists and a worldwide network of expert contacts, supported by a team of consultants from our management consulting parent company, Commodity Inside Ltd. 

H2 Bulletin is led by Andre Nascimento. He leads a specialist editorial team with a wide range of experience and contacts across the industry.


André Nascimento

Andre Nascimento is the Managing Editor at H2 Bulletin. He has over ten years of experience, mostly in the commodities market. He joined Commodity Inside as a Research Manager for the steel related products, covering finished and semi-finished products. Before that he worked in various roles, such as a Research Manager and Client Insight Manager at RFi, covering Americas.

Previously he worked in CRU and Thomson Reuters, where in both positions he was the lead analyst responsible for the Latin America market.

Andre has large international experience, including presenting at important conferences in Latin America, Europe and the USA. He has an MBA from London, a Civil Engineering degree from Brazil and Portugal and speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

Obaid Shah

Obaid Shah is the Editor-at-Large at H2 Bulletin. He is also the head of market research and analysis in Commodity Inside, the parent company of H2 Bulletin.

Obaid has decades of experience in commodities and economics. He worked as the Business Development Director in C-Point, a consumer electronics company. Previously, he worked in CRU Group as a consultant where he was the editor of various steel outlook reports.

Prior to joining CRU, Obaid worked as a consultant in McGraw Hill’s Platts (former SBB), where he was responsible for bespoke research projects and quarterly forecasts products. He also worked as a development economist before joining HSBC Bank as an investment administrator.

He frequently presented in international conferences. Obaid holds an MS in International Economics from the University of Glasgow, and before this, he secured an MA in Economics and studied at Oxford University.