21 July 2021

    Linde opens new Liquid Hydrogen Plant in Texas

    Linde (a global multinational chemical company also involved in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen) has started up…
    20 July 2021

    ArcelorMittal, Sekisui Chemical partner for carbon recycling & hydrogen extraction

    ArcelorMittal and Sekisui Chemical have partnered on a project to capture carbon waste gases from the steelmaking process and recycle…
    19 July 2021

    Hydrogen Economy Review: Hyzon Motors advances with its truck business

    In North America, Hyzon Motors partnered with TotalEnergies to develop hydrogen refuelling and vehicle supply solutions for long-haul transport. Under…
    16 July 2021

    Mercedes-Benz unveils plan for electric and fuel cell trucks at the Wörth site

    Mercedes-Benz plans to make its Wörth plant in Germany the centre for emission-free transport within its truck production network. The…
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